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We recycle almost any types of Lithium-Ion batteries or battery material, and we will collect your batteries from anywhere in Europe.
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We can recycle Lithium-Ion batteries from many manufacturers

Battri handles the entire Lithium-Ion
battery recycling process

Battri recycling facility for lithium ion batteries


Battery diagnostics and Mechanical Recycling at our own recycling facility in France

Battri logistics for lithium ion batteries


Door to Door Logistics Services, including storage, battery packaging and compliance handling

Battri tracking solution for lithium ion batteries


Full visibility of the recycling process and valuable ESG data through our simple online platform

How Battri works

1. Contact Us

Contact our expert team for the best approach to recycle your batteries

2. Collection

Battery packing and collection of batteries anywhere in Europe

3. Tracking

Use our Online Platform to track the recycling of your batteries

4. Diagnosis

We will test your battery to determine value & how its recycled

5. Recycling

Your batteries are fully recycled to make new batteries!

Why use Battri

Lithium-ion batteries are dangerous, which makes recycling complex. We take care of the entire recycling process, just tell us where and when to collect your batteries – anywhere in Europe – we’ll take care of collection and the entire recycling process.

We have our own recycling facility with a recycling rate efficiency of +97% and we can also provide full traceability of your battery waste on a battery waste batch level.

We can produce some of the purest and stable black mass on the market. Our black mass is compatible with all hydro, pyro or other refining processes, with post-processing impurities 5x-10x less than most competitors.

Battery waste comes in many forms, we can work with any type of customer and we recycle almost any type of lithium-ion battery. We can easily adapt to new battery technologies and we will customise a bespoke logistics and recycling solution to meet your needs.

Our focus is on efficiency and disposing of batteries in the most efficient manner. We will try and re-use old batteries wherever possible and we work hard to ensure you get the best possible price for your batteries.

Battri factory in northern france
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